5 Reasons Chelsea Is Ideal for Up-And-Coming Businesses


Chelsea and River Thames, LondonThe London borough of Chelsea is one of the most expensive in the country to live and work in. For most new businesses, the costs of buying property in the area are likely to soon see you go bankrupt. Renting office space in the area is an entirely feasible alternative, however, and up-and-coming businesses who already have a stable income should seriously consider moving to Chelsea if they’re looking to take the next step up.

Central Location

Being based close to central London makes it easy for employees, clients, customers and others to find and get to your company. Excellent transport links makes life simpler, especially if your business involves visiting or receiving visits from other business people also based in London. Less time will also be spent traveling during work hours, leading to higher productivity.

Excellent Meeting Places

For client meetings, business lunches or just after work drinks, Chelsea is a vibrant area full of quality restaurants and bars suitable for all these purposes. Rather than being based in an out of the way business park, having an office so close to a bustling area reduces the time spent traveling to such meetings and provides a fantastic array of locations suitable for many different clients.

Prestige and Professional Appearance

To help your business make that transition from a promising to established company, being located in a classy business area adds to your professional appearance. Potential clients and employees will look at your office address and being located in a well-known business region is sure to impress. There are few areas of London known for harbouring as many professional and successful businesses as Chelsea.

Greater Exposure

The Royal Borough of Chelsea and Kensington is home to thousands of different businesses, which local authorities are proud of and encourage. Depending on the nature of your business this could provide countless opportunities to network and expand based purely on being in the right place at the right time. Even if not, being located in an area which cares about business will provide many other benefits.

Quality Office Space

As a trendy, professional area Chelsea is full of high quality buildings and office space. These are not all occupied by well-established businesses who own the buildings themselves, either: serviced offices, which allow smaller businesses with a lower turnover to rent space at a fraction of the cost, are becoming increasingly common in the area. From grandiose, traditional buildings to more modern office blocks, serviced offices are ideal for those companies wanting the prestige of a Chelsea address and a stunning character office, without the hefty price tag traditionally associated with the district.
In a borough of London renowned for its top level business environment, there’s nothing Chelsea doesn’t provide to help promising companies succeed at the next level.


Author: Agustina

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