As in every metropolis, you must enjoy yourself but take care from dangers. Despite London is a safe city with a trained police and security cameras all around the city, you must pay attention to:

Pickpocketers tips

Pickpocketers are inevitable in London. Although this problem is not as severe as in other cities, pickpocketers will take advantage of London’s crowds as much as they can.

London pickpocketers have become professional over the years, stealing your cash or wallet without touching you a muscle. You must pay attention in special places such as train stations, inside the tube and the bus, at crowded streets and at night clubs.

We recommend placing your money outside your wallet into a safer pocket. Another option is to go out only with your ID and credit card, or the approximated money you estimate to spend.

Unlicensed cabs tips

Late on the night, especially at nightclubs exits, it is common to see lot of unlicensed cabs and mini-cabs that will offer you a ride back home. There are different problems with these cabs, but the most important ones are that they don’t have insurance in case of accident, that you never know if the fare is not unfair, and that most of the time the drivers are drunk.

In addition, other problems with these cabs are its aggressive attitude, and that they have women raping records. Lots of women have experienced sexual attacks at unlicensed minicabs during the past years, becoming one of women top threats at night.

The Mayor launched some years ago a solution to this problem. You can text HOME to 60835 and receive the numbers of licensed cab firms in the area where you are sending the text.

Traffic tips

As everybody knows, Londoners are a crazy society where everybody drives on the opposite side of the road. This traffic rules are a problem for first time tourists, who could have several problems when driving and crossing the roads.

London authorities are so preventive that have painted on the road (at every crossing point) the instructions for where you have to look before crossing. So before crossing the street, if you look down on the floor you will see “Look Right” or “Look Left”, minimizing your accidents probabilities.

If you are planning to drive in London, you have to consider that there is a special tariff to drive in central London during the day and that parking fares are not so friendly. Moreover, London is full of cameras that control the high speed infractions. Other difficulties you could face are that the handwheel is located on the opposite side (right side) of the car and that the traffic signals are different than in other countries.

We strongly recommend you to use public transport in London. It is the easiest and quickest way to move around the city.

Well, don’t be afraid about London dangers because you will not face further problems. You will find policemen all throughout London, and these gentlemen will assist you with any problem or advice you may need.

For more information about warnings or other tips of London, contact us and we will gladly send you further material about any subject of your interest. We will e-mail this information at no cost within 72 hours and it will be specific to your requirements.


Author: joinengland

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